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Precision controlled humidification systems with minimal energy usage.

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The benefits of accurate humidity control are well-documented, but proper application and advanced technologies are often overlooked in favor of more traditional methods. GoFog Humidification Systems provide a wide range of benefits using the latest technology.

The atomizing humidifier expertise we bring to our customers provides numerous benefits. Controlling the humidity of a large-scale facility can do much to improve its energy efficiency, air quality and productivity. For example, employees who work in excessively dry spaces can experience health issues such as irritated eyes, headaches and dehydration. People who suffer from conditions such as asthma or arthritis may find that their symptoms worsen in these conditions. A commercial humidifier can cut down on the number of sick days workers take, and also make them more comfortable and productive when they're on the job.

This equipment also can have a significantly positive impact on how a factory, distribution center or warehouse functions. Using an industrial humidifier to maintain the proper balance of moisture in the air can help preserve the salable quality of sensitive and perishable goods, reducing waste. It also can lessen a facility’s dependence on its HVAC system, lowering energy consumption and utility bills.

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How GoFog’s Technology Works

GoFog’s cooling and humidification equipment is based on advanced atomizing technology. Purified via reverse osmosis, water is pressurized through unique fogging nozzles. The process results in a fog formed by billions of tiny droplets that can be released directly into a room or through your existing HVAC setup. Thanks to their uniform size, they provide ideal evaporation and distribution throughout a facility. Unlike other air humidification systems, our equipment works without high-powered pumps or compressed air. That means it’s exceptionally energy-efficient and reliable. Our system will last much longer than other brands of fog equipment, and without consuming as much energy as they do. :

Climate control
Climate control

When used in conjunction with a building’s HVAC system, our technologies can deliver added comfort and efficiency. We’re a leading commercial evaporative cooler manufacturer because our reverse-osmosis filtering does not use harmful chemicals or added minerals.

Static electricity reduction
Static electricity reduction

Industries that utilize high-speed printers or work with semiconductor chips must take care to limit static electricity. In settings where the air is too dry, it can build up and create problems such as paper sticking together or circuits being shorted. Introducing the right amount of moisture into the air mitigates these issues.

Agricultural applications
Agricultural applications

Keeping livestock cool in the heat and preventing dust are just two of the many uses for our systems in agricultural environments. Growing healthy crops also is made much easier when the water content of the surrounding air is kept at a specific level.


Our expertise also can be put to good use in affecting the look and feel of a space. For example, zoos and amusement parks use our products to create natural-looking fog effects for exhibits and attractions. These systems also can be used to neutralize odors and make certain areas more pleasant for visitors.

Why Choose GoFog?

No other industrial humidifier manufacturer knows more about this technology than we do. Because this type of atomizing system is our sole focus, we can deliver unparalleled expertise and meet whatever requirements you may have. We use only the latest and most advanced technology found anywhere in the industry, meaning you can count on receiving the maximum level of performance and efficiency.

To learn more or get started on a system that will meet the needs of your operations, reach out to us today. Our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.