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Commercial Humidification Systems

Commercial Humidification Systems

The benefits of accurate humidity control in a building’s HVAC system are well documented, but proper application and advanced technologies are often overlooked for more traditional methods. With commercial humidification systems from GoFog, businesses across a wide variety of industries can reduce their energy consumption, improve the quality of their products and preserve their resources for longer. The many advantages of our commercial humidification solutions include the following.

  • Our system uses a fraction of the energy used by traditional humidifiers because the surrounding air provides the energy for evaporation. This delivers a return on investment in less than one year, in many cases.
  • No harmful chemicals or minerals are added to your building’s HVAC system. Our system provides humidity through reverse osmosis of demineralized water.
  • Our system features a redundant pump system with automatic switchover that is easily integrated for critical applications.
  • Precise humidity control (+/-1%RH) can be provided by modulating the fog output with staging valves.

Our commercial grade humidifiers can be found in many settings because they can offer significant benefits depending on a business’s needs. For example:

  • Offices can increase productivity and reduce the number of employee sick days with our help. That’s because maintaining a proper level of moisture in the air can reduce or eliminate dry eyes, viruses and asthma symptoms.
  • Data centers can offer greater security and reliability in their servers. A commercial fogger humidifier helps prevent static electricity from building up and causing a short.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can realize better results when producing sensitive medications because an appropriate humidity level ensures that they retain their full quality.

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GoFog Valve Rack

Remote Staging Racks

GoFog Staging Racks make humidifying inside an AHU easy to control and even easier to install.

The atomizing nozzles installed inside each AHU have an external control panel, with PLC and staging valves, that will modulate the humidifier output based on a BMS demand signal (0-10V or 4-20mA).

The valve rack shown here uses (4) motorized ball valves (3-way) that provide (15) stages of capacity control by sequencing the valves. Attached to each of the valve’s discharge ports are manifolds inside the AHU with varying amounts of nozzles. Once the valve panel receives a BMS demand signal that is high enough to open the first stage, it sends out a pump request to the fog pump station. This provides 1,000 psi of reverse osmosis water to the nozzles.

  • Programmable stage up/down time delays are included to prevent valve cycling.
  • An automatic flush cycle keeps fresh water in the system.
  • Optional inputs to accept a high limit sensor and air proving switch.
  • Pre-piped and pre-wired, simplifying the installation by the mechanical contractor.
  • Factory tested as a complete unit.
  • Incorporates motorized ball valves instead of solenoid valves for quiet operation.

Mist Eliminator Pressure Drop

Mist eliminators are UL Class I rated, polymer based with biocide agent installed in a stainless steel frame. To be used at a velocity between 250-700 fpm.

Download Mist Eliminator Specification (PDF)
dP (inches w.g.) vs. Velocity (fpm)
Double Layer Single Layer

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No one knows more about this technology than we do. When you’re searching for the right humidifier, commercial grade systems from GoFog can be the ideal solution. Our expertise with atomizing humidifiers means we can deliver a system that is perfectly suited for your business environment and requirements. To learn more about what we can do, reach out to us today or request a quote by completing the form on the upper right side of your screen..

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