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Water Treatment Systems

Before your GoFog Humidification System is installed, a water sample is sent to an independent lab for analysis. We provide the proper water treatment equipment for your application ranging from simple cartridge filtration to advanced Reverse Osmosis Systems. GoFog provides a turnkey solution that meets your specific requirements but also has the flexibility to grow with your company.

The Value of Water Treatment

Numerous industries can benefit from having treated water introduced into their humidification systems with a commercial reverse osmosis system. For example, the agricultural industry needs to ensure that crops are kept free from contamination and disease. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must be certain that every ingredient is free from bacteria or other unwanted particulates. Companies that manufacture or utilize sensitive electronics want to avoid minerals being left behind after evaporation because they can disrupt systems and damage components.

In these and many other applications, having a commercial reverse osmosis filtering process can make a significant impact on the integrity of your operations.

The GoFog Reverse Osmosis System

Choosing an industrial reverse osmosis system from us means you will receive a solution that has been precision-engineered for your exact circumstances. Our line of commercial water treatment systems includes equipment that can be scaled to meet the demands of virtually any size facility.

For example, our commercial RO systems feature outputs ranging from 500 to 29,000 gallons per day. Additionally, we offer many different types of storage tanks to meet your specific needs. Any of our industrial water treatment systems are available with assembly options for either skid mounting or loose field deployment.

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High Purity Skid Without DI Bottles

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GoFog Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse Osmosis Model Flow Power Pre-treatment Post-treatment
GPM HP Carbon Filter Water Softener Storage Tank Booster Pump UV Light
MRO-500 0.4 0.3 GAC Big Blue MAT-15-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-20
MRO-1000 0.7 0.5 GAC Big Blue MAT-22-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-20
MRO-1500 1.0 0.8 GAC Big Blue MAT-30-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-20
MRO-2500 1.8 0.8 GAC Big Blue MAT-30-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-40
MRO-3600 2.5 3.0 ACA-10G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-60-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-60
MRO-5400 3.8 3.0 ACA-12G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-90-3/4 Twin Alternating Bladder-80
MRO-7200 5.0 5.0 ACA-12G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-120-1 Twin Alternating Bladder-120
MRO-9000 6.3 5.0 ACA-14G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-120-1 Twin Alternating Bladder-120
MRO-10800 7.5 5.0 ACA-14G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-120-1.5 Twin Alternating Bladder-80 (2)
MRO-12600 8.8 5.0 ACA-16G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-120-1.5 Twin Alternating Bladder-80 (2)
MRO-14400 8.8 5.0 ACA-16G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-150-1.5 Twin Alternating Bladder-120 (2)
MRO-16200 11.3 5.0 ACA-18G-1 Twin Parallel MAT-210-1.5 Twin Alternating Bladder-120 (2)
MRO-18000 12.5 7.5 ACA-18G-1.5 Twin Parallel MGT-210-2 Twin Alternating Atmosphere-300
MRO-22000 15.0 7.5 ACA-21G-1.5 Twin Parallel MGT-210-2 Twin Alternating Atmosphere-300
MRO-25000 17.5 10.0 ACA-21G-1.5 Twin Parallel MGT-300-2 Twin Alternating Atmosphere-500
MRO-29000 20.0 10.0 ACA-24G-1.5 Twin Parallel MGT-300-2 Twin Alternating Atmosphere-500
Product will vary based on feed water temp and quality. Output based on 500 ppm TDS and 77F water temp for MRO-500 thru MRO-2500 and 55F on remaining.
Please ask your GoFog representative for a proper selection.

Why Choose GoFog?

We are focused on atomized humidification technology, and no one knows as much about it as we do. Our expertise with this filtering system means we keep everything flowing through our GoFog Humidification System as cleanly as possible. When you turn to us, you can be assured that your facilities will maintain the proper temperature and humidity without introducing harmful minerals, mold or other particles into the air.

Our solutions perform at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency, thanks to their unique designs. Filtered water is pumped through stainless steel nozzles that generate a fine mist of droplets no larger than 20 microns in size. This creates optimal distribution and evaporation throughout your space. Because these systems don’t rely on high-powered pumps or compressed air, they also are exceptionally energy-efficient and reliable.

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