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Water Treatment Systems

Before your GoFog Humidification System is installed, a water sample is sent to an independent lab for analysis. We provide the proper water treatment equipment for your application ranging from simple cartridge filtration to advanced Reverse Osmosis Systems. GoFog provides a turnkey solution that meets your specific requirements but also has the flexibility to grow with your company.

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High Purity Skid Without DI Bottles

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GoFog™ Reverse Osmosis System
Model MRO-2500 MRO-5400 MRO-7200 MRO-10800 MRO-14400 MRO-22000
Maximum Output (GAL/DAY) 2,500 5,400 7,200 10,800 14,400 22,000
Maximum Output (LBS/HR) 850 1,875 2,500 3,750 5,000 7,500
Maximum Output (GPM) 1.7 3.75 5.0 7.5 10.0 15.0
Pre-treatment 5 micron pre-filter, carbon filter, water softener
Post-treatment UV sterilization, storage tank, recirc pump, transfer pump, bladder tank
Storage Tank (GAL) 160 300 425 500 1000 1500
Bladder Tank (GAL) 40 40 40 80 80 80
Assembly Options Skid mounted factory assembly or field assembly loose components
Product will vary based on feed water temp and quality. Output based on 77F water temp and 500 ppm TDS.
Please ask your GoFog representative for a proper selection based on your specific water quality.