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Fogging System For Dust Control

Dust SuppressionOne of the biggest problems in many industrial and agricultural environments is caused by one of the smallest things. The buildup of dust particles in the air from manufacturing or processing activities can lead to a number of issues if left unaddressed. Workers in a bulk materials facility may experience breathing problems. Equipment may become contaminated and lose efficiency. Facilities may fail to meet environmental standards regulating air quality.

Preventing these scenarios should be a top priority for owners and managers. This is where dust suppression misting systems from GoFog come into play. Our highly efficient and effective technology can provide the level of control and protection you need.

With a cold fog dust suppression system, an incredibly fine mist of water droplets is constantly generated from the ceiling. The droplets catch and adhere to any floating particles, weighing them down and causing them to fall to the floor. This prevents the particles from being breathed in or infiltrating sensitive machinery.

The Benefits of Our Systems

A water suppression system for dust can go a long way toward keeping your facility clean and safe. The core of our technology is our high-efficiency, high-powered pump. It pressurizes filtered water at 1,000 psi through our specially designed atomizing nozzles. The result is billions of fog droplets no larger than 20 microns in diameter. Choosing a custom dry fog dust suppression solution from us also provides numerous advantages over competing providers, such as:

  • Exceptional durability: The wetting components we use are made of stainless steel, ensuring they are built to last. You can expect to receive the longest life span available when you choose our products.
  • Greater reliability: The relative simplicity of what we build means there are fewer moving parts. The absence of compressed air or large-scale pumping units means less downtime and fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Quiet operation: Because it doesn’t rely on a compressor, our tech won’t add to the noise in your facility. This contributes to a safer and less stressful workplace.

Why Choose to Work With Us?

We have all of the in-house capabilities needed to design, build and install a complete mist air dust suppression system for you. Our experts will meet your precise needs and develop something that will do the job right. We’re committed to using only the latest and most effective ideas and concepts, and you will receive the highest levels of quality and dependability. Simply put, no one knows as much about building these systems as we do. To learn more about our full range of services, get in touch with us today and request a quote. Our representatives are ready to answer questions.