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Odor Control Fogger

Certain businesses have an unmistakable scent. Although it may smell like profit to their owners, others don’t find it so appealing. Chemical processing facilities, livestock farms, cannabis cultivation operations, wastewater treatment plants and other sites may want to control the odors they produce for the sake of their employees as well as the surrounding community. This is why so many of them turn to GoFog’s unique humidification technology for industrial odor control. The highly efficient and effective nature of our solutions makes them ideal for these environments.

At the center of our products is their revolutionary atomizing nozzles. These create a constant ultra-fine mist that descends from the ceiling. The water droplets neutralize a large portion of the particles in the air that cause unpleasant or overpowering odors. That’s because scent-neutralizing solutions can be added to the water before it is sprayed. Using our equipment as an odor fogger machine can significantly reduce the smell inside commercial, agricultural and industrial facilities.

How Our Systems Benefit You

When you install one of our humidifiers for odor control, expect to receive many advantages. At the core of the GoFog solution is our high-efficiency, high-performance pump and specially designed atomizing nozzles. Filtered water is pressurized at 1,000 psi through the equipment, resulting in billions of fog droplets no larger than 20 microns in diameter. The unique qualities of our equipment have a number of benefits:

  • Greater efficiency: Because they don’t rely on compressors or a complicated pumping apparatus, our systems consume only a fraction of the energy that others do. For example, when compared to an electric-to-steam fogger, our units use only 1% of the electricity.
  • Exceptional durability: With stainless steel wetting components, our units are built to last. We provide a longer lifespan than any competing product line.
  • Increased reliability: Thanks to their simplicity, our systems have relatively few moving parts, so they are less likely to break down. We don’t use compressed air or large-scale pumping units, which means less maintenance and downtime.
  • Quieter operation: Without the need for compressors, our units won’t contribute excessive noise to the workspace.
  • More flexibility: Our tech allows you to add an odor-neutralizing solution to the mist, enabling you to scale the response to match the level of need.

Why Choose to Work With GoFog?

Our extensive in-house capabilities mean we can design, build and install a complete odor fogger system for your property. The experts on staff will work closely with you to determine your needs and create something that will be up to the task. We dedicate ourselves to using only the best and most effective ideas in everything we do. This means you’ll receive the highest levels of quality and dependability.

No one else in the industry knows as much about this technology as we do, and we’re eager to demonstrate. To learn more about everything we have to offer, get in touch with us today and request a free quote.