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Humidifiers For Static Electricity Control

In your home, the occasional shock from static electricity is little more than a nuisance. In an electronics factory or other industrial facility, however, even the tiniest spark can have disastrous consequences.

When dry air and other conditions lead to the buildup of electrons in these environments, an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause physical damage to highly delicate components such as printed circuit boards. ESDs can negatively impact the quality of a variety of products; it even has the potential to ignite volatile substances in the area, leading to serious consequences for equipment and personnel.

This is why installing a humidifier for static electricity from GoFog can be a valuable insurance policy for your operations. Our high-efficiency, customizable solutions maintain a constant level of humidity in your plant, preventing charges from building up and causing an accident.

How Our Systems Can Prevent Disaster

One factor that can lead to static electricity is the presence of dry air. Without enough moisture in the atmosphere, electrons can start to collect on surfaces. As these electrons accumulate, any friction between two objects can build up a significant charge. When a charged object comes near another object, the electrons will jump across. This is what creates a shock.

Although it may be a tiny jolt of surprise when we touch a doorknob, an ESD in electronics manufacturing, for instance, can mean serious problems. Precision elements that are exceedingly sensitive to electricity can suffer damages. Even if these incidents are relatively minor, they can have a substantial effect on the overall performance of the finished device.

ESD control is a concern outside the electronics industry, as well. Manufacturers in textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other sectors worry about the havoc a single spark can wreak in their operations.

This is why humidifiers play such an important role in static electricity control. Keeping the air moist enough to prevent electrical discharges but not making it so humid that it could cause other issues is paramount. Because companies have to be constantly vigilant against ESD, humidity control systems must be in continuous operation. This means they must be extremely efficient to keep costs from getting out of hand.

Choose GoFog

Fortunately, GoFog’s advanced atomizing technology can provide your space with consistent conditions using only a fraction of the energy compared to other systems. By pumping filtered water through our expertly crafted stainless steel nozzles, we can create droplets that are less than 20 microns in diameter.

Because our equipment doesn’t rely on complicated compressors or overpowered pumps, it uses far less energy than other options, such as electric-to-steam or gas-to-steam units. GoFog’s humidifier for static will operate consistently and reliably for much longer than those competing systems. In addition, our reverse-osmosis filtration prevents minerals from building up on electronic components.

As a recognized leader in the humidification space, we have the ability to customize a solution that addresses your needs. We can create a system to provide uniform humidity throughout your production facility to prevent static from becoming a serious problem. To learn more about what we can do for you or to receive a free quote, get in touch with us today.