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Controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Controlling Electrostatic Discharge

Winter has arrived early… Time for fun in the snow, cocoa by the fireplace, and shuffling your feet across the carpet so you can give someone an unexpected shock! We’ve all experienced the joy and pain from this, but do you know why this shock only seems to happen during the winter? You may have heard it’s from low relative humidity but may not fully understand how and why this happens. Let us fill in the blanks.

In the summer, the warmer temperatures heat the water molecules in our environment, increasing their energy and making them much less likely to condense. This fills the air with water vapor which helps to dissipate the electrons that we are constantly picking up on our bodies from friction as we move around.

During the cold winter months, water molecules have much less energy which makes them more likely to condense. Since these slow-moving water molecules are mostly in liquid form or frozen, the amount of water in the air is greatly reduced. Therefore, the electrons continue to build up on our body until we touch an object that provides the electrostatic discharge. ZAP!

In a manufacturing environment, ESD can wreak havoc on machinery and processes creating costly downtime and product losses. Installing a properly designed humidification system by GoFog not only provides a stable work environment, but also improves IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) for your employees by reducing airborne viruses and other adverse health effects caused by low humidity such as dry skin and sore throat. See how the GoFog System can work for you!

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